My Sister's Place believes that everyone has a
basic human right to live without violence.  This
includes children.  

My Sister's Place offers services to children
which include....

  • Individual Counseling
  • Children's Support Group
  • Emergency Room Advocacy
  • Court Advocacy
  • Emergency Safe House with Non
    Offending Parent.  
Children's Programs
The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Externalizing Behaviors                                               Short-term Effects (6-12) years
*Aggression                                                                    * Eating Disturbances
* Delinquency                                                                 * Somatic Complaints
*Acting Out                                                                      * Fears of abandonment/ loss of control  
* Anti-social behavior  

Internalizing Behaviors                                                 Short-term Effects (Adolescents)
* Withdrawal                                                                   * Running Away
* Anxiety                                                                           * Delinquency
* Depression                                                                  * Sexual precocity/ pregnancy
                                                                             * Suical/ homicidal thoughts
Poor Performances                                                    * Drug/ alcohol abuse
* School                                                                          * Eating disturbances
* Sports
* Organized activities                                                   
Long-term Effects  

Short-term Effects
                                                         * Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
* Sleep disturbances                                                    * Low self-esteem
* Bed-wetting                                                                  * Depression
* Separation anxiety                                                      * Somatic complaints
* Failure to thrive                                                            * Delinquency and criminal behavior
                                                                              * Sons more likely to become abusers
                                                                              * Daughters more likely to become victims