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What Do Penis Pumps Really Do

Posted by Tim Watson on

What Do Penis Pumps Really DoWhat Do Penis Pumps Really Do?– Today I’m going to ask a question that a lot of people seem to have and it’s about Penis Pumps. Penis pumps are used by millions of men to get a bigger penis and the weird thing is that not many men know how they work, what they do and what the risks and ways to use them are, so I’ve taken some time out to deliver you an article on what a penis pump really does, this will teach you everything you need to know about the effects of penis pumps and it will hopefully help you on your journey to a bigger penis. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below if you’ve got anything to add to this article. – Penis Pump Guides.

Bigger Penis?

Can you really get a bigger penis using a penis pump? This is a question that I get asked and hear asked loads so here’s the answer.

Yes, yes you can and it’s not even hard. Most people start getting permanent gains from their penis pump after about 6 weeks and after you use it for about a year you’ll be socked with how much you can really gain.

Some people have gained inches on length and girth and others have just done it on one of the other.

It’s Impossible to know how much you will gain and the only way you’ll find out is if you start pumping. You will see a lot of changes once you start pumping, good changes.

Do They Really Work?

As I said above yes, yes they do. There’s different types and I will tell you more about that below.

How Long Does The Penis Pump Take To Work?

Well it can take about 6 weeks to start seeing permanent results, but people usually see results with their penis instantly, just because it helps the blood circulate round your penis, that makes it easier to get hard erections, so you’ll naturally get a bigger penis in no time.

So it can take any amount of time, but you’ll notice changes and the permanent gains will come eventually.

Is There Anything Quicker?

Well you can mix it up, do exercises before you use the penis pump and we will explain how to do that below.

You can also get a cock ring that will help you improve your boner, mixed with this you’ll be onto a clean winner.

You can also use penis extensions which add instant size to your penis and can turn any man into a hung man instantly.

Can’t I just Use My Hand?

Yes, no where near as effective and it’s still better to have a penis pump and do both of these methods together.

So you do something called jelqing and it just involves doing these 3 things.

  • Step 1.Get a semi-erect penis and hold it with the ‘OK’ Sign, just like when you masturbate.
  • Step 2.Pull your penis straight away from your body until you feel a stretching feeling, hold it there for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Step 3.Change direction, go left, right, upwards, rest for 10 seconds and then repeat.

Do that for 5 to 10 minutes before you use a penis pump for max results.

Do Men Really Use Penis Pumps? 

Loads of men do, I have loads of friends who used penis pumps on a regular bases. Some people use them more than others just because it helps get a harder erection and it’s also great for the health of your penis.

What Do Penis Pumps Really Do?

What Do Penis Pumps Really Do – So now you know what penis pumps really do what do you think about them? Good or bad? I think penis pumps are amazing, obviously I do, I work with them all day and own them, they work better than any form of penis enlargement that I’ve tried and they’re nice and relaxing to use when  used right. – Comment below if you’ve got anything you want to add to this article. – Sharing is caring.


Mens health

SizeGenetics – reasons why you want this penis extender

Posted by Tim Watson on

SizeGeneticsSometimes you may discover that the size of your penis is letting you down. You should not feel like you are the only one with the problem. There are many people in the world who have suffered from such a problem hence you need to take time and weigh the options available for you to decide on the best. Making use of penis extenders is one of the ways that you can utilize but making use of SizeGenetics penis extender will benefit you a lot.

The penis extender is clinically tested and proved to be safe. It also produces positive results. This can be seen from the many SizeGenetics reviews that many people have provided online. The penis extender is also available online which makes it readily available for you to order it. In case you will like to conceal the problem from other people it will also be very easy for you to achieve after you decide to make use of SizeGenetics penis extender. This is simply because you will achieve in applying the extender by yourself.

Here are reasons why you should try SizeGenetics:

The extender works

It is always necessary for you to go for a penis extender that will provide positive results. After you decide to go for SizeGenetics you will be assured of seeing results within the shortest time possible. This will make your lover enjoy your relationship in case the size of your penis was the one that was letting you down.

The method is very cheap

After you decide to make use of SizeGenetics you will enjoy saving your money. This will be possible because when comparing the price of buying the device and the one that you will use to employ other methods you will discover that SizeGenetics is very safe. The manufacturers of the device also offers a warranty which will ensure you enjoy great services of the device.

An alternative to the SizeGenetics penis extender is the Phallosan Forte, that we have features here on mysistersplace28753.com a few times before.

Mens health

Prosolution pills side effects

Posted by Tim Watson on

ProsolutionPillsProsolution is really an extraordinary penile enlargement formula which helps men to enhance the overall length as well as width of their pennis in a very short time period.

Furthermore is the fact that the product allows men to obtain superb sexual intercourse which is likely to cause strong orgasms.

Men enlargement formula comprises of pills as well as a gel which assists men to obtain reliable as well as strong erections constantly.

For all individuals who believe that penile enlargement isn’t possible they’re encouraged to employ Prosolution to be able to observe the wide variety of pros the male enlargement product provides.

A Prosolution pills together with gel certainly function as men were using them for quite a while now.

Plenty of time has gained the product numerous devoted consumers from various areas of the world.

A primary purpose of the male enhancement formula is to try to help men with the enhancement of their pennis.

Right after enlargement of their penis males are probable to obtain a higher level of confidence together with self-esteem which is going to assist them in pleasing their sexual partners constantly.
An all natural ingredients used inside the product assure top quality results in a short time span.

Based on advanced research doctors together with medical professionals have exposed that Prosolution doesn’t have any side-effects.

An experience of numerous customers has been absorbed in to account normally the ones who have been utilizing the penile enlargement pills together with gel for few years or possibly more.
An undeniable fact that Prosolution doesn’t have any side effects is due to the fact that all the ingredients are natural and in addition authorized by the Food and drug administration before it had been designed for virtually all men.

In order to have high stamina as well as satisfaction through sexual activity men are encouraged to purchase Prosolution.

It’s vital to include a large amount of research before choosing Prosolution in order to observe how it advantages men.

Countless user feedbacks as well as recommendations from the consumers of Prosolution have shown that this product assists them to have permanent erection strength and has offered them with a powerful way to reduce pre-mature climax.

A male enhancement pills have allowed numerous men to improve their sex lives permanently.

An obvious increase in the size together with width of the pennis permits men to create an improved self-image that also brings about lots of self esteem which is needed to be able to satisfy ladies.
A Prosolution pills are somewhat cost-effective and also men could get a long lasting supply for once and for all.

For that reason males are encouraged to check on them to be able to possess a very clear perception of penile enlargement formula.

Mens health

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Posted by Tim Watson on

penis-enlargement-exercisesAre you satisfied with your penis size? Have you ever felt sexually inadequate? If yes, what have you done as remedial measures? Most men feel that the size of the penis is directly related to how the partner would respond in bed. But guys with smaller penis need not be disheartened now. Safe and natural penis enlargement exercises have been devised and you also can try them out without fear of negative repercussions.

Penis stretching exercises not only increase the length and girth of your penis, but also help you have a firmer erection and increase the sperm count. You can control premature ejaculation and keep your organ aroused for longer periods. The only side effects here is that your partner would be totally satisfied and monotony in sex life would be removed.

It’s no secret that bigger penis gives you added confidence. Natural penis enlargement exercises work on the same principle as other physical exercises. For example, your muscle power increases when you put additional pressure on them through exercises. The same principle works here.

One of the most popular penis enlargement exercises is Jelqing, where the blood flow to the penis is increased through a milking like action. At the time of erection, blood rushes into the Corpora Cavernosa and your penis increases in size. If done thoroughly and for a few weeks, these exercises proven to increase the penis size permanently.

Kegel exercises and penis stretching exercises are also in vogue. But exercises can be completely productive only if you are inside 21 years of age. But still, there is no harm for older ones to resort to such exercises, and results may occur sooner or later.

Another positive of penis enlargement exercises is that they are completely free of side effects and safe. So whatever your age is, you can resort to them to find a permanent solution to your embarrassing penis size. To get faster results, experts recommend to combine penis exercises with natural male enhancement pills.

Mens health

Phallosan – a brief introduction

Posted by Tim Watson on

phallosan-forteWelcome to a blogsite where you will be able to find all kinds of information on Phallosan, the ultimate penis extender on the market, which makes it the best way to enlarge your penis, quite logically. Our primary goal is not to sell you the product, but to inform you about it. We wish you to have all the information before you start ordering it. That is why we will not bombard you with caps letters saying that you will get a penis the size of Mount Everest. We want to keep things objective and as scientific and to the point as possible.

Phallosan was over a number of years in the late 1990s and it was introduced onto the market in 2000, first in Germany and then elsewhere as it got approval from the different approval and regulatory agencies. One of these agencies is also FDA which has tested the device and decided that it is efficient and safe as well. The man behind Phallosan wanted to create a penis extender device that will not suffer from the downsides that other penis extenders suffered from and are still suffering from. He wanted to get rid of the discomfort and the fact that these older penis extenders can actually be seen quite easily. He also wanted to create a penis extender that men will be able to wear sleeping and doing whatever, without having to worry about erections.

He managed to do all of this with Phallosan. Ever since it came out, Phallosan was praised by the experts from the field and German urologist have been endorsing the product ever since. For instance, you can get Phallosan at regular pharmacies in Germany and some other European countries. The way in which all of the aforementioned downsides of other extenders were avoided was by utilizing a condom and a system that combines vacuum with stretching. Vacuum enables the traction force to be equally distributed all over the penis, which also results in significant increase in girth, which is something other manufacturers claim their products do, but actually do not, at least not to the extent that Phallosan does.

Phallosan also requires you to wear it for extended periods of time and it is recommended to wear it anywhere between 6 and 8 hours at least for 6 months, once again, at least. This is the time required for the results to become permanent and anything less than 6 hours daily might compromise the results. The good news is that Phallosan is substantially more comfortable than other extenders and that men say they can wear Phallosan for as much as 12 or even 16 hours daily, without even noticing it is on.

In short, Phallosan is simply the finest penis extender on the market and this is not a personal opinion. It is a scientific fact.