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Why Teens Dont Use Condoms

Posted by Tim Watson on

condomsNearly fifty percent of those affected by AIDS are teens between the ages of 13-18 years of age. Although, this number could be lowered by using condoms, teens seem to have the inability to make the decision to use condoms and to protect themselves. Proper education and information need to go hand in hand with parents talking to their children about sex.

HIV is a real and very dangerous disease, which can take years to become full blown AIDS. Teens make up about half of those affected with the disease. The major cause being it is a sexually transmitted disease. Without proper education and information, unprotected teens will continue to develop other sexually transmitted disease- such as pregnancy, including HIV/AIDS.

Condoms can be a very effective tool in the stopping the spread of the disease among young adults. All sexually active men, regardless of their age should use a condom.

The escalating numbers clearly show that adolescents are not using condoms while engaging in sexual interaction. Although sex education is widely taught in U.S. schools, abstinence (not having sex at all) is also stressed in these programs as well as how young adults can protect themselves during intercourse.

So, you may ask, why are teens still not using condoms with information so readily available to them? Research shows us that it has to deal with the emotions of adolescent males. A study of teens, prone to psychiatric issues and between the ages of 13-18, revealed that many of them have issues with self- efficacy meaning that they believe they have no control in preventing bad things from happening to them.

Self-efficacy coupled with a low self-esteem, caused the problematic teens to ignore condoms due to the inability to make a reasonable decision to protect them. These results are not limited to teens with psychiatric problems most teens become distressed when asked to or are pressured to use condoms. They too will not use condoms.
Parents should make it a priority to discuss and educate their children on how to use condoms so the young people can feel more comfortable when they decide to become sexually active.